About me

I have over five years of experience in the IT Industry related to Network and Systems. I have responsible for focusing on Open-Source platform in the working environment. I have handled and solve the Windows & Linux Server issues. I'm currently learning the DevOps Culture such as "Linux, AWS, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and Terraform" to perform cost optimized, reliable and secure full software delivery and maintenance.

I have a solid experience in Windows & Linux Server Administration, Active Directory Management, IT Asset Management(Snipe-IT), Open-Source Software, Manage system upgrades and migrations, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

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KMA Group Of Companies

System Engineer | Dec 2023 - Present

- Windows / Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL Base) Server Administration
- Implementation and Deployment of IT Asset Management system (Snipe-IT).
- Provided support for Oracle Opera PMS V5 related client setup, user permission, printer
  configuration, etc.
- Managed IT Assets & Inventory Management
- Implementation of Project Management System with OpenProject
- Active Directory Monitoring with ADAudit Plus
- Managing MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases
- Managing VMware vSphere administration such as vMotion, Fault tolerance, Hight Availability.
- YSoft SAFEQ Software with print management, integrated with active directory for the user
  authentication and document printing and scanning.
- Implementing best practices for system security and data backups.
- Develop system-monitoring and support automation to enhance and scale the quality of support
- Evaluates the existing systems and provides the technical direction to IT support staff.

Myanmar Distribution Group

IT Executive | July 2023 - Nov 2023

- Defining multiple virtual servers on a single host machine on VMware ESXI 6.5 and
  Proxmox Virtual Environment.
- Installing and configuring operating systems and application software
- Managing the Active Directory user & group and helath checks
- Implementing the redmine open-source project management system on Linux VM for the
  developer need.
- IT Assets controlling and manage the assets management application
- Implementing best practices for system security and application software
- Implementing the development environments for the Odoo ERP source code and database
  migration process
- Development testing on Odoo ERP and Postgres Sql Administration
- Amazon Cloudwatch Monitoring (ec2,ebs,s3,rds) on grafana dashboard

Capital Diamond Star Group [Retail Cluster]

Senior System Engineer | Aug 2021 - Jun 2023

- Monitoring head office and branch network status and VPN connection check with Cisco Meraki
- Daily health check HO and Branch Microsoft Dynamic AX ERP Server.
- Handling the operation and maintenance for Network, Server, Application, ERP, Security
- Performed system administration and maintenance tasks including data protection/database
  backup the accidental hardware error for Easily Restore
- Maintenance of IT equipment such as UPS, switches, Access Points, Printers, Servers, NAS, etc.
- Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center Maintenance and Organization health check
- Documenting for all incoming and outgoing IT Equipment & Asset list.
- IT fixed assets controlling and manage the assets management application
- Building an internal relation with technical documentation, manuals and IT policies
- Helping the Team Members and solve the User error & System Issue
- Submitting IT issue everything that happens a weekly report to the IT Manager
- Followed the IT policies and procedures to secure Company data by installing, regularly
  maintaining and upgrading security software.

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Skills & Tools

I have been experienced in the IT Industry for more than 5 years and currently I am working as a System Engineer Position. My main responsibilities are Issues, Troubleshooting, Secure System, Security, IT Asset Management, Microsoft 365 Administration, etc related to Windows & Linux Servers. We are always studying new technologies, and we study what is necessary for the business first.

Event though the scope of System Administration is wide, I was very interested and focused.

Operating System

Windows Server
Red Hat
Rocky Linux


VMware ESXi
VMware Workstation
Oracle VirtualBox

Open-Source Softwares and tools


Web Server & App Deplyoment

Static HTML

Monitoring tools

SolarWind Orion

Currently or interest in learning...


My work process

01 - Assessment and Planning

Identify the need for migration (e.g., outdated hardware, scalability requirements). Assess current server environment, including hardware, software, and configurations.

02 - Backup Plan

Perform a full backup of all data and configurations on the existing server. Verify the integrity of the backup to ensure all critical data is captured accurately.

03 - Setup New Environment

Install necessary operating system, software, and applications. Configure network settings, security measures, and access controls.

04 - Data Migration

Transfer data from the old server to the new server using appropriate methods (e.g., rsync, FTP, database dumps).

05 - Testing phase

Test applications, services, and configurations to identify any issues or compatibility issues. Perform performance testing to ensure the new server meets performance requirements.

06 - Final Data Sync and Cutover

Perform a final data sync or delta migration to ensure any changes made on the old server during the migration process are reflected on the new server.

07 - Post-Migration Validation

Verify that all services and applications are functioning as expected on the new server. Test accessibility and functionality from different client environments.

08 - Monitoring and Optimization

Set up monitoring tools to track server performance and stability post-migration. Optimize configurations and settings based on monitoring data to ensure optimal performance.

09 - Documentation

Document the migration process, including any challenges encountered and solutions implemented.

10 - Post-Migration Review

Conduct a post-migration review to evaluate the success of the migration process against the initial goals and requirements.